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About us

Connecting technologies, design and digital marketing for the better growth
of our clients and partners since 2012!.


Our goal is to provide comprehensive and high quality digital solutions, thanks to reliability, knowledge and integrity.

We’re focusing on frontend architecture and design services to build engaging user experiences using cutting-edge technologies. Our team creates unique Web Designs, based on the most up-to-date technics. Every project takes into consideration your business problems and provides the best solutions for you and the group of recipients.


Our structure is based on a multidisciplinary creative team of specialists with extensive experience. We achieve goals through teamwork, expertise, love for what we do and dedication to work. We're very open-minded and we strongly believe in perfect partnership in business.


Our team and partners consist of professionals with many years of experience in the broadly understood digital industry. Our team operates smoothly in English, Polish and Russian. List of companies who trusted us include Bannersnack (USA) Mattel, Leica, Bernafon, Energa (PL) and many more since 2012!


We specialize in creating web applications, from websites to advanced competition applications and online stores. Clear design and code are the features that dominate in all of our projects. Additionally, we help foreign companies to grow on the Polish and Russian market.